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Its looking like I might just start with the RockJock trail, I was reading that it has some of the nicest views, but is relatively short at under 3 miles. Is the only way to hike the Rock Jock Trail to hike out and straight back? Or is there some kind of loop? As of now I'm only looking to do a day hike, so I would have from sunrise till sunset.
Rock Jock is about 4.25 miles from the southern trail head to the intersection with the Conley Cove trail. Spend a day on it and you can burn day light from morning to night ... there are a ton of side trails and views from the main trail. If you want to make a loop out of it you'd have to walk Kistler (dirt road) back to Conley. If you have a second car you can drop a car. I'd reccmd. hiking it south to north ... that way you won't have that lung burner hike up and out for the last half mile. But you could do it out and back ... just adjust your turn around point by your speed and how much you get distracted along the way. If you do that ... hike it north to south would be my advice.