So after being thoroughly convinced to keep my newbie behind emphatically AWAY from ENO, I'm starting to look at the WB double layer Traveller with the Mamajamba tarp -I like 'em big (and shady). When it rains it's like a vertical river- and the No-see-um travel net for our state birds. With this the Lynx full length under quilt. I like that I can adjust it shorter, or string it full length and hunker down.

I think I'm a bit mismatched, but hey, it's Texas, so is the weather. Well, East Texas. "Winter" can see the low 30's and high 20's (in a blue moon), but averages about 45 for most of the Winter "season" when it actually does get cold. Also I'm 5'10" and 260 lbs. The Traveller is 7' and as I'm near 6', it just seems cramped. Am I off base there?

I want to rig an under-hammock to string under my sleeper for my gear to keep things more readily accessable, and the bug net looks droopy enough to encompass that as well, thoughts?

Plus I have a 35 lb heater named Sydney who will be in the hammock with me.

So what say you, internet? How discombobled am I here?