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The neat thing is that the Jarbidge is a full length UQ for my son, just as the New River is full length for me.

At this point if I were to do a solo trip I would probably take the Jarbidge.
My 10 yr old daughter decided she wants to try a hammock at our TX fall hang in November, so I ordered a Jarbidge to use as her first UQ. I thought the same thing....a 3/4 UQ would be full length for her! She'll most likely be with me when we are car camping or on short trips, so the "pack down" size wasn't a primary factor in this decision.

I have a HG 20 degree Phoenix that I have yet to try. It'll be interesting to see the difference between the down and synthetic UQs.

I ordered the triangle thingies as they seemed a great idea for adjustments. I can't wait to get out and test the new gear and to see how my daughter handles the experience.