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    I bought a new river long 3s back in November last year. Also I got a Owyhee for Christmas and I have only got to try it outside 1 time. I use it almost daily in the basement just to dial it in. When I did set it up in the back yard it was in the upper 30's and super windy. These quilts are rad. I don't think I was cold at all. I wore just sweat pants and a hoodie with a wool socks and beanie. The craftsmanship is solid and made in the USA which is important to me. Arrowhead is a quality company from what little I've seen. Thank you guys. Just a few more weeks and I'm gonna rock these in the wild and I can't wait. It's always fun to show my buddies who have huge tents my new toys. My goal originally was to be able to set up and tear down my camp as fast as possible even in the rain. I'm not sure yet just how much faster this system takes compared to using tents. But what I discovered was how light weight and mobile hammock camping is. I don't have to be out in the open as much and I always felt terrible after sleeping on the ground for days after. With a good tarp I can set up or tear down in the rain with a quickness and keep all my gear dry in the process. The best part for me also is not having to throw a bunch of muddy wet gear in the truck only to get home and set it all back up to dry and clean. That was always a buzzkill for me. With a hammock I can separate any part and keep things manageable. My hat is off to hammock forums for all the knowledge and experiences to teach the newbies like myself. I asked my wife about going on a big trip somewhere soon but she didn't look convinced. So I need to ease her into it hopefully so we can do some real hiking and see this beautiful country we live in. My kids are already on board and lay in the hammock all the time. Now I need to go play with some stoves. I can't wait to make a cup of coffee in the woods in my hammock.< Shug showed me that one. I got 99 problems but my back ain't one.

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    Wow... what a difference the New River Long made last night...toasty. Other than having the next door neighbors dog bark ALL night, a train going by at 3AM, and a massive killer cramp in my foot ( having left foot issues for a while ) I slept well. I have a shooting pad I want to try to make the hammock spread out more at the shoulders.

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    Gonna get close to 0 tonight where I live. I'll be trying my 4 season New River to see how comfy my backside can be at that temp.

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