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    wb mamba top quilt

    packing my bags for some so cal hiking and camping! I got my new wbbm quiltin tow thanks to brandon shipped it out the day ioredered it so i would have it for this trip awesome i had it in my hands two days later!! love it i even slept in it on my bed! glad i got the long wide even though i am short i am stocky so covers my shoulder perfect!!! quality perfect and i like the choice in materials in the tie straps and i love the sewn foot box. i am excited to sleep in the new wbbb 1.7 sl with this i made a shoulder pad and using a thermarest. so i have the mariposa loaded and just wanted to give a shout out for the great service from warbonnett! i will report back in a week!

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    well forwhat it is worth i am a convert! i have about twelve nights in my hammock no real problems. calves got a little cramped after 4 days straight in the hammock but not bad i think i need to sag the hammock just a little more. quilt is the best thing ever even if i have to go to the ground the quilt is a keeper! i used a cabelas xpg tarp wing over it and it worked nice i had my 8x10 silnylon tarp just in case but it never rain and the sun was the only thing it was used as a shade. maybe a wb tarp next.... love all of the info on this forum so much info.

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