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Lessons Learned From The Winter Hang (names omitted to protect the guilty…and also so as not to embarrass the smart, generous, and kind.
umm, yeah...what he said

Why is it that when some people hear the phrase “Wild Animal,” they have an irresistible urge to immediately go up to the animal and try and pet them?
Those short ponies really wanted some food man! I know at least one of them has some decent reach on that hind kick. And my wife grew up with horses. Sigh, that might have been a "here's you sign" moment if I had been 6 inches closer...

Bright and reflective guy lines help prevent falls/injuries.
Yep! I tore out one of ours when I tripped on it. Oh well, back to the sewing machine!

No matter how expensive the boot, the sole will still burn if placed too close to the fire.
Or if the fire gradually moves closer to the Boot/Shoe. LOL.

Never under estimate the slowest person in your hiking group….as may they be carrying all of the stuff that fell out of your pack as you sailed along the way. .
THANK YOU a million times WalksInDark. If I have not mentioned before YOU ARE THE MAN. Not only did you have a monster load of your own but you picked up my crap as I dropped it down the trail in the snow and ice. I owe ya brother! In the mean time I need to get a second backpack! LOL.

Anyone who still thinks that there is a “Weaker Sex” obviously did not go to the Winter Hang.
Thorwren and Happycamper were awesome! There was another lady there but I did not catch her name. I think she was with the group that JustJeff knows. Anyway, all of the ladies were real troopers. Although, funny, Jenny (thorwren) said, "why is such a big deal that a woman go on this winter campout? We are just as capable as men!" I had to explain to her that it was not the fact that she COULD do it but that she WAS doing it.

It takes “Real Men” to pull a garden cart through mud, snow, over rocks, and fording streams.
Maybe Real CRAZY Men do! That was something I am pretty sure I WONT be doing again. LOL. Things will be a little different next year weight wise. There is a good chance I will NOT be bringing in SPLIT FIREWOOD! As nice as it was...I will just forage next time...LOL

Following footsteps in the snow can take you in directions/places you would never even begin to imagine; but not necessarily where you want to go.
HAHA. We will have stories to tell! At least we did eventually get there. I will say that I have been on nicer night hikes though! LOL.

I was telling FishinFinn that on the way out to the parking area we were pretty sad that it was all over so fast. Jenny even got a little "misty eyed". We will be around for more of these, trust me. I will probably have at least one kid with me on the next one too.