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    Quote Originally Posted by L.D. Cakes View Post
    That sounds good. The ones last year were obviously from a sloppy batch or a bad manufacturer. Maybe after so many complaints they tightened up their quality control.
    Probably. I did send two back last year. My problem with those was the stitching was so bad that the loops would have been pulled off by a light breeze. The two I kept seemed to have better stitching, but it is much sloppier than this years.

    The triangle patches that the loops are attached to, and the stitching, the material, etc. All seem to be done properly this year. Last years just looked like a five year old first learning to use the sewing machine.

    The three I got this year the stitches are in a line. There are back stitches on the start and end of a row of stitches. I think on the ones I sent back last year, no only were there no back stitches, but the stitches didn't even cover the the loops, what ever got in the way of the needle got sewed down. :-)
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