Looking for a multitool. I have had a leatherman skeletol, Sog Powerassist, and gerber which was very cheap and very heavy.

I lost the sog and the leatherman and the gerber broke.

The sog was neat, but had some issues and I am not sure I would want that exact one. I own other sog stuff and would buy again just not that one.

I liked the skeletol, but it required I carried other tools as well. I do like the bits that I got with it and would probably prefer to go that way again, but again not the skeletol.

The Gerber I had was a mercy gift from a friend and it was almost broken when I got it. I repaired it but it never held up. I again have had other gerber items and wouldn't be against gerber.

As I am not you I have no idea what you may need. Let me know.