I went up to the Cranberry to get spring water today as the snow was falling. It was pretty lovely - about 3" of fresh powder on 6" or more of old snow. More will be falling tomorrow and Saturday, with temps low enough to keep it fresh (highs around 32, lows about 20 maybe). This is the weekend I thought might happen some time in February or March. There's enough fresh snow for pulk-pulling, either cross-country skiing or hiking (snowshoes optional). There's a nice trail that friends of mine have camped on recently near the junction of the Highland Scenic Highway (55) and Rt 39. It's maybe a mile in to a hill above the Cranberry Glades, so access is pretty easy, but it's far enough from roads to be "secluded". After agreeing with everybody on HF that for winter camping there's safety in numbers (no solo hikes), I feel funny about doing a solo trip. On the other hand, this pales compared to Fronkey's recent trek. Anyway, this is your opportunity to save me from myself and come along. I expect I'll take most of tomorrow (Friday) getting ready, so I'm looking at heading out Saturday morning, maybe 10 am or so, stopping to make camp before noon, spending one night, and packing out on Sunday. PM me if you're interested.