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    Question Ol' Timer Peak 1 Sleeping bag.......should I???

    I have an old Peak 1 (Coleman) sleeping bag that I found in my mom's attic from when I was in the scouts. I would think its around 10-15 years old. I found it stuffed in its orginal stuff sack with some dust on it.

    I did a little research and found the bag is actually rated down to 15 degrees.

    The only issue I have is with the "smashed" insulation. The tag says its made with dacron.

    Would any of you think the insulation is too old and or obsolete to make an underquilt?

    Would throwing it in the wash help with "fluffing" it back up?

    Or should I just keep it as a topquilt and use my pad for the time being?

    What are your thoughts?
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    Wash it. Test drive as TQ. If insulation is still functional, cut n sew.

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