I have been testing the JRB MWUQ/BMBH combination recently. It is a fantastic combo, IMO, super comfortable and warm with easy set up. But my biggest problem has been not having orientation options in my back yard, combined with a north wind that was cutting me in half. The spreader bars, in any thing other than a Baker Hut set up with the JRB tarp, can be a challenge with any tarp pitch. But a Baker Hut would not help me stop the wind in my back yard, though I could probably work this out in the woods. Just keep searching until I fine a sheltered spot with two trees at cross currents to the wind.

Pan gave me a call and we talked for a while. He gave me some great ideas, which I am still going to try. Ideas having to do with using a wide "A" pitch and adding rain jackets or ground cloths or space blankets rigged in some fashion tying them to the extra loops on the JRB tarp and then staking these to the ground, or weighting rain jacket pockets with rocks. All ideas I am still excited to try in the near future. I can see it working.

But today I tried this: one of the magic Grip Clips added to the right side of the tarp about where the tarp would be rubbing the spreader bars:

It worked like a charm. And boy does that make a dif for blocking those winds coming in the end. In the last pick, you can see that the left side is in contact( no grip clip on that side) while the right side has plenty of clearance even with the ends pulled in to the mid-line for closure. Contrast is poor, but you can tell by looking at the black grip clip on the right side near the spreader bar.

So, here is one simple approach. One more reason for not using the BMBH that is now gone, problem solved. Now the tarp is not tight to the ground( my hammock stand will not allow that), but I think there will still be adequate clearance when the tarp is lowered a few more inches. At least when occupied. If needed, I just take the spreader bars out when not occupied.

Also, I pulled the hammock a bit closer to the head end than the foot end, resulting in the outer most ring being just barely covered. Which gave me a little more room on the closed foot end. It looks to me though like that ring on the head end is still adequately covered.

Later in the week I am going to try some other things, for example I am going to try it with the HH sil-Hex. Which has a 12 foot RL instead of 11, but has a hex cut instead of rectangular. I'm not sure which will cover best.