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That tarp has a prototype mod that we are evaluating for future production runs of the JRB 11x10 Cat tarp.... So far I'm impressed with it....If you like the idea and want your tarp moded you can mail us your tarp and a check for $10 and we can apply the mod and return it to you.

BTW someone with the moded tarp .... ....will have to be a designated tester for the optional end panels.... Interested?

I thought perhaps the side-ties were either spaced differently, or additional tie-outs added. Anything else? In IndyDan's first picture I can barely make out some sort of line from the front-most roof-line tie-out running under and across the tarp. Probably is something under the tarp, or a ghost, maybe a bit of cord?

For those that sew, what's the spacing of the tie-outs on the modified tarp?