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    Really never really thought about soaking my hammock. Although I do buy it in concentrate and mix it to spray the barn. It is really cheap that way, it comes in a little jug with a mixing cup you squeeze the right amount in.
    Quote Originally Posted by jerzybears View Post
    Yeah, what he said!!! Soak that hammock and you won't be sorry. Plus it will last a long time.

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    Are they getting in under your underquilts?......Gonna try the sawyer this year.. I am getting worried about the ticks as well..
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    Quote Originally Posted by canoebie View Post

    Here is some current discussion. I use Sawyers in the spray bottle. There are lots of options, just be careful of those that have distillants in them that are petro based. They can be nasty smelling. I am tempted this year to check out some of the more "bulk" options at farm stores, etc. There is a lot of discussion here on other threads about it.
    Be cautious here. Many of the concetrates are for outdoor use and contain dispersants that you do not want on your skin.

    Quote Originally Posted by canoebie View Post
    Someone in Michigan saw a mosquito fly by with a tick attached to its leg. I use permethrin!! I worry about Lyme and West Nile virus more than permethrin. I use it on hammock, shirt, pants, socks and shoes as well as hat. I did a trip in Missouri last May with 12 guys paddling the Eleven Point river. Each and everyone of them picked ticks off of them endlessly even upon returning home. I did not have a single tick. It works.
    I'm going the Sawyer route this year also. The boy and I did an overnight a couple weeks ago. We each got one tick (gone and got the head no problem). My question is for my hammock treatment. Should I spray on the outside of my HH or hang it and spray the inside so it soaks in better?

    +100 on being more wary of Lyme and West Nile than anything else. It would kill me for my kids to get either of those while doing something we love so much when the preventative is easily at hand.

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