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Yo Doc....

I have done 18th Century re-enactng for 0ver 20 years, and before that, I have some military training in this as well.
I make fire with flint and steel, you can use char cloth, or punk wood, its about the same. gathering food is pretty good, as long as you know what to look for. I would like to go if the timing is right..

See ya at the Hoosier Hang..
Cool! I have a steel, no flint. Have used a borrowed piece, in the 5 minutes I had it, couldn't get a spark. So I hope you can come, plus would be good to see you again. I have to wait for Matt compatible temps or he will "Freeze to death" and I am only off on alternating weekends (Thurs thru Sun) having to work tomorrow (3/8/13) thru Monday.