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    Yep. As most have mentioned, the differences between hammocking and ground sleeping aren't all of that great--aside from the comfort.

    However, since you're in Florida, it's worth mentioning the hammock pilot program going on in FL state parks until the end of next month. If you go to a state park, you'll absolutely need straps for both your hammock and tarp, and you'll definitely want to do a bit of research first, via e-mailing Mr. Phillip Madden (address is in the first post of the linked thread above).

    Hope it helps!
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    Rider is correct. After purchasing a digital scales and weighing those things that replicate my now-bequeathed backpacking tent I found the weight of my basic shelter will be roughly the same.

    The difference is comfort, and being able to camp out in odd or interesting places. A tent needs a patch of level ground. A hammock can hang anywhere two towers present themselves.


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