Please Note....

I am making a jig for snowshoes according to the link CajunHiker posted. As this is a lot of work for one pair of shoes... I would be willing to make.. at reasonable cost... a set of frames for anyone else interested in having some made.

To be clear... This would be frames only. No decking, no bindings. Bent PVC frames and rod hardware only. Decking and bindings would be your responsibility. The finished size will be roughly 9 x 40 including 5" tail outside dimension.

Cost would be for materials, to be finalized after my own are made. A nominal charge for labor would be added. I am anticipating the material cost for the frames to be no more than $10 per pair. I expect that to be a very high estimate but better high than low. All in all I would expect in the range of $20 for the frames as stated.

This is not the launch of a business venture. Future runs may or may not occur.

If you are interested... please let me know by PM. No obligation is expressed until the first pair is made and we see what happens. But it does look promising.