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    Talking Ideal hammock sock

    I received great feedback from hammock campers on the hammock sock. If I were a DIY hammock sock maker;
    I would attach a canvas top to to my 2QZQ Underquilt Protector,by either 1 full length zipper that would allow me to unzip one side and roll it back out of the way, or 2 full length zippers to totally remove the canvas top.
    The top would have:
    2 large opening for my whoopie slings with weed wacker line keeping them open (2013 Minnesota Frozen Butt Hang) with drawstring closures.
    I would also add pole pockets for 1 to 3 very light stays to open up the sock and keep it away from you.( this would by a very light version of my 2QZQ superfly center pole mod.)
    Lastly because i mainly use a pulk for winter camping i would add a slow moving vehicle triangle to my pulk.

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    I have a 2qzq UQP on order looking forward to get it and try it out

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