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    Burrow Options

    Ok. So I am new to hammock camping. I will be doing the majority of my camping in 3+ seasons in the Rockies (backpacking and car camping). Just picked up the Warbonnet Blackbird double 1.1. I also purchased a thermarest pro lite plus (R) about a month before I decided to get a hammock. I have a synthetic bag I have used since my boy scout days. If I end up getting an underquilt, I won't be able to get at the same time as my top quilt due to cost. I do intend to still tent camp occasionally.

    So I am trying to decide on a few things:
    1) burrow 40 or 20 degree? It won't get below 40 much for 3 season, but always the possibility in the high country. (I obviously like the fact that the 40 degree is 5-6oz lighter)
    1.5) If I go with the burrow 40, should I overstuff? How much?
    2) Do I return my thermarest pad to save for an underquilt and if so, what do I do when tent camping? Or should I stick with the the pad for now since I bought the dual layer hammock?
    3) Could I add pulls to the side of my synthetic bag (then run ties up to my ridgeline) to use as an occasional underquilt?

    Thanks for the insight everyone! These forums are excellent.

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    1) If it wont be below 40* much for you, I'd go with 40* I find their gear to be very true to their ratings if not a little better.

    Also, and this ties into the other things I guess, but under insulation in my experience has always been more important to being warm than my TQ or SB. If you were to get a UQ rated 20* and a 40* TQ you'd be able to be comfortable at 30*, at least this has been my experience. So if you go with worst case under insulation you can skimp a bit on the top portion and bring a e-blanket in case stuff gets real.

    If I were you, I'd get a UQ first at worst case temp rating. Easier to turn a SB into a TQ than a UQ. The amount of detail and thought that has gone into HG's UQ's are immense. Because of the technical factor I'd buy the UQ first, turn your SB into a TQ to save ounces and never go to ground or take a CCF that weighs nothing just in case.

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    ide keep your sleeping mat. just in case you camp anwhere where u cant use a hammock.
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    The way I see it, you have two options:
    1. Get a TQ now and use the pad as your under insulation
    2. Get the UQ now and just use your SB partially unzipped as a TQ
    I would personally go that route. I've been using a sleeing bag as my TQ for over a year now, and there is no draw back except that it weighs a bit more than the TQ would. Of course, it's also free. I think you would be more comfortable sleeping in the hammock with a sleeping bag and an UQ than with a pad and a TQ.

    As Slo mentioned, I would skimp on the TQ before the UQ. It is easy to suppliment a TQ with extra clothes, a liner, or even a second quilt. For example, I know people who own a 40* and 20* burrow and simply use both if the temp is expected to be below 20*. Supplimenting an UQ is more difficult, but venting it in warmer weather is very easy. HYOH.
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