About to head to the Ozark hang in a couple of days and trying to square away some odds and ends. Funds are limited so I had to be creative with my tarp ridgeline. I have some of this utility cordage from REI. I know it has a nylon core with a little stretch, but it's what's available to me at the moment. I used a single ring suspension to tighten it up and it worked like a charm.

My question is this: Is a braided mason's line prusik a really bad idea? To connect the tarp (Noah's 12, kinda heavy) to the ridgeline, I made two prusik loops of hot pink mason's line and s-binered the tarp to those and pulled everything taut. This configuration was hung in the back yard this weekend overnight to see how it fared. It was a calm night with little to no wind, so everything was fine. The stretch is not so much my concern as the integrity of the mason's line if the wind picks up. If this is the absolute worst thing I could have ever done, what alternative (readily found at WM or a small town hardware store) should I consider until I can order some sort of amsteel/zing-it combo?

Little help? Please?