Hey guys,

I'm back with another splicing video. Since I got so much positive feedback on my ridgeline video, I though I'd make some more for you. Here is the first one on making a continuous loop from Amsteel. I'd like to thank Opie for his pictorial on this process, and also SmokeBait for his formula for making them.

Opie's Pictorial:

SmokeBait's Formula:

Here is my version of the formula, or check out the video for a visual description:

C=Length of the starting piece
L=Desired finished length of the loop
B=Bury length
T=Taper on ends (usually 3/4-1")
Loss from the bury is about 25% of B. So for two buries we multiply B by 2.5.

C = 2(L) + 2.5(B) + 2(T)

So for an 8" finished loop with 4" buries and 1" tapers, it would look like this:

C = 2(8) + 2.5(4) +2(1)
C = 16 + 10 + 2
C = 28"

Here is the video for a visual description of this, along with the details on splicing it. Thanks for watching guys, I hope this helps some people out!