Got home from dinner last night, and the USPS left a box for me.... I was giddy with anticipation as I knew what it was when I saw the address on it.

Inside was a silnylon bag and a single sheet of paper letter.I took the bag out of the box, and started unveiling the hammock and suspension system on the floor in the house.

I began looking at the workmanship on the hammock, and was very impressed. I paid particularly close attention to the sewing around the zipper. The stitching was absolutely perfect.

Speaking of the zippers, I am very impressed with the metal tabs on the zippers.... I will have to find something to loop thru them in order to be able to unzip them with gloves on.

The frapping where the ends of the hammock, the ridgeline, and the suspension system is a work of art.

I'm going to be hanging it today in the back yard and seeing what it it feels like once it is hanging up.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I must say that it is a 10. Excellent product workmanship and dealing with Brandon has been a pleasure. It certainly won't be the least time either!