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    Zipping up the Dangerbird

    Just received my DangerBird hammock (#306) . Set it up on my Turtlelady stand down in my office. Was napping in minutes, so I know it works

    I do have some questions.

    What's the best way to zip the top shut, be it the netting or over cover. Should the one you are using be at the head or foot end? If I am using the netting I'll be wanting to get it as closed as possible.

    Also there is a piece of Velcro up in the ends of the hammock. What are they for?

    The tabs on the sides, how is the best way to use them with an UQ?

    Aside from my ignorance this thing is beautiful.
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    I love my DangerBird. The cover/net you are using should be on the foot end, so you can zip it up to the peak above your head. I have used the velcro at the peak when I zip the net 1/2 way up then zip the black cover half way down. I then fold back the cover under and attach to the velcro at the peak, and after I get in I attach the netting to the velcro at the peak on top. This is so I have bug protection, and the cover half way down blocks out the sun, whether for an afternoon nap, or morning sun.
    I hope this is clear.
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    I was pondering the same question when I received mine a week ago. As the above poster said, the net or cover should start at your foot end so you can zip it up closed while laying in the hammock above your you will take turns laying in either direction depending on if using the bug net or overcover...the hammock is symmetrical so that poses no lay problems.

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    As the other folks said, the net or overcover zips up from the foot end.
    I usually decide which one I'm gonna use and then position the foot end of the hammock toward the fire ring so I can sleep in and still pretend I'm watching the Scouts.

    The velcro can be used to temporarily secure the partially zipped net or overcover, but often I just tuck any excess under the ridgeline.

    The built-in quilt loops will accept mini biners or the Dutchware clip-on quilt hooks to help keep you UQ snugged up and in position.

    I hope you enjoy your DangerBird.

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