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    HH combi pad details

    The Combi pad was a result of wanting a good hammock pad for multi seasonal use with detachable side wings, bottom and head pad, a pad usable just by itself when placed on the ground, and also able to be utilized in my Crazy Creek chair. I was thinking of an underquilt but can't justify the expense and the limited use. Plus I've had good results with the CCF pad concept in winter use down to 3 degrees.

    I decided to use a Walmart 3/8" CCF pad (eggcrate) for all purpose use and then add a 3/8" CCF pad (stiffer type) for winter use. The velco can be opened at the bottom of the main section to add the additional pad

    The bottom section measures 36 inches x 20" wide, just what my CC chair requires. Yes, it is a bit larger than I originally designed. The main section measures 40" x 25" wide. The wings measure 8" x 21" also of 3/8" CCF.

    The Neatsheet material sticks just enough to the HH hammock and yet allows me to move on top of it. Its great stuff and fairly tough as well as water repellant. Occasionally I will enjoy a warm day on a flat rock overlooking the valley below and find the Neatsheet is cooler than just sitting/laying on the CCF pad directly.

    You'll notice I added three velcro tabs on all the sections also. They are for covering up the velcro when not being used. I've found velcro sticking out grabs everything, my clothes, dirt, the hammock slit velcro, etc. By covering the velcro when not in use that problem is eliminated.

    I don't have the head pillow pocket finished yet. It will obviously have an attachment point to the main section and also have a velcro opening to insert a CCF pad for winter use. Currently I use my Packa raingear as a pillow unless it has been in use on a rainy day. The raingear then goes in my gear hammock under the fly and clothing will go in the head pillow pocket.

    Lastly the whole thing rolls fairly easily and fits in my silnylon packback providing the support. All my gear gets placed in the middle..and it all fits.

    See pictures in my gallery

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    Very nice job. Looks like a lot of thought and some good ideas went into it.
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