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    Anyone explain 1800mm Coating?

    I'm looking to see what this fabric is comparable too. Is the 1800mm coating adequately waterproof? What type of coating is it? Polyurethane?

    75D 190T polyester taffeta, 1800 mm coated

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    Per REI...

    Water Resistance (i.e., Waterproofness)

    Water-pressure measurements are shown in millimeters (mm) or pounds per square inch (psi); 704mm = 1 psi.

    Technicians determine water resistance in fabric by employing a water column or hydrostatic pressure test (JIS 1092 method A; AATCC test method 127). Fabric samples have been laundered 10 times to simulate field use.

    What level of water resistance qualifies as waterproof? No widely accepted waterproof industry standard for fabric exists. Based on its own tests, the REI Quality Assurance Lab considers rainwear fabric to achieve a minimum standard of "rainproof" performance if it permits no leakage at 3 psi (2,112mm).

    3 psi far exceeds the force of typical rain. Some comparative figures:
    Wind-driven rain: approximately 2 psi (1,408mm).
    Hurricane-force rain: 10 psi.
    Fire hose: 100-300 psi.
    Pressure washer: 1,000-10,000 psi.
    Note: No fabric is truly "waterproof." Even sheet metal is routinely cut with high-pressure water jets.

    How much water pressure is exerted by 3 psi (2,112mm)?
    Imagine a square column with 1-inch sides placed atop a piece of fabric.
    Fill the column with water.
    To reach 3psi, the column would be nearly 7 feet tall (the equivalent of 2,112mm).

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