I'm thinking that I want to tackle the local "big" trail in my area. The Falls lake trail runs approximately 60 miles through Durham and Wake Counties (Raleigh/Durham, NC) along the southern coast of Falls Lake. This is the part of the MST (Mountain to Sea Trail) that runs through the area. Stealth camping is not allowed along the Falls Lake trail thus a particular mileage is necessary each day, between 15 & 20 miles per day, to reach the designated campgrounds (Rolling View and Shinleaf).

Unfortunately there is not a whole wealth of information on this trail online and the Official map that is online is outdated and only shows about half of the trail. There is a much better google map available, but even so it doesn't give much information beyond a GPS track and is still missing part of the western end of the official trail. The best map available seems to be from artshikingmaps.info via the USPS or you can print out sections 26 & 27 of his printer your own MST map.

The local outfitter has a brief write up about the Falls Lake Trail and there is even a written trail description of the trail on the Friends of the MST website.

I'm looking at Labor Day weekend as a good possibility to tackle the trail. The temps will be warm enough to allow for absolute minimal insulation, if any at all even being needed. I wanted to throw this out there to see if anyone would be interested in joining me on this surprisingly wonderful trail so near to a metropolitan area.