Any of those big guys out there looking for a TQ, you should check out UGQ It is hard for us big guys to find gear unless we get it custom made. UGQ has the big boy size as an option. I just got my 20 degree Flight Jacket TQ. I am 6’-4” 260 pounds (I know diet) and their 84” and 60” wide TQ fits me great. The craftsmanship is great. This quilt is so nice I put it in my BIO. There is also a lot of color options. (Laughing) I went with olive green and black. I have a lot of quilts and bags from other vendors and manufactures and this quilt is top notch. I would love to put some pictures up to show you how nice this is but I have issues getting them downloaded to the forum (user error) check out their site the pictures on it show the quilt well. This quilt is wide and long. I can pull it over my head and wrap it around me. I can not wait to get to the woods to try it out. If it was not for the camping four letter word (Work) I would run right out and try it. Sorry Mods for the language. UGQ’s customer care is great also. They respond right to emails and questions. This is not meant to bash other quilts because I love my other quilts and there are many great vendors out there, but it is to let those big guys know there are options. Thank you for letting me share hope this helps someone out there.