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    Talking x country ski

    hello fellow hangers, Finally came up with an excuse to go hang without the wife thinking i am nuts for wanting to hang in the winter, was a sunny 38 degree day here in southern wisconsin, so i broke out my x country skis a backpack, the hammock, msr stove, hot chocolate ramen noodles and a litre of water, latest issue of canoe and kayak, and back country skied out in the woods til i found a nice hollow in the woods ,set up, and read my magazine in complete peace and quite, what a beatiful thing, even had a curuios doe about 10 yards away checking me out, after awhile, a father and his children were looking for a sledding hill, saw me hanging eating noodles and drinking hot chocolate and of course hanging, dad was full of questions and even tried out the hammock, he was impressed, amazes me how many people like to sleep on the ground take care all thought i'd share the time i had
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    i do not remember the question, however i believe beer is the answer

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