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    Outdoors. With a hammock.

    Today I bought a hammock. I live in West Coast Canada, a wet climate that has lots of mountains filled with trees. There are plenty of alpine areas that don’t have trees, and when there aren’t any trees often times the ground is rocky. One thing we do have is bugs a lot of bugs. I’m pretty sure I said that it’s a wet climate.

    My hammock weights more than I would have liked, but if I have to sleep with the rocks at least I should stay fairly dry in the DD Traveler. I want to take some seam sealer to make sure I keep the ground water out in case I can’t use trees. I think may head over to Mountain Equipment Coop and have a look at their light weight tarps.

    I did my first solo wilderness camping trip a while ago. I was up probably half the night without a campfire worried I was going to be eaten by a bear or whatever. I think something ran into the side of my tent or something, but I stayed out there and proved that I can do it! I have gained some knowledge, and want to take some mountaineering courses, an avalanche course. Even spending time out in wilderness on my own with my botany books is a great time. I sure want to go again with the prospect of bringing a hammock this time, and a Primus Micron lantern. Chances are I’ll upgrade the suspension of my hammock in the future. The main thing is now I own a hammock. It may not be the best one according to some folks, but I think it has what I can use.
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    That's awesome. Bet you can't wait to go hiking and hanging.

    One thing you'll probably want to think about is getting a cheap durable groundcloth like a piece of tyvek or painters plastic to put between your hammock and the ground when you have to go to ground. You have to baby that's the fabric that is supporting your weight when it is hung, and any abrasion from the ground could be hazardous.

    Anyway, congrats on getting new gear, happy hanging, and...hang your own hang.

    And don't worry about the folks here...if people get on a soapbox about any particular brand, it's just because we're enthusiastic. I haven't met any snobby folks here...this is probably the most pleasant online community i belong to. Welcome aboard and happy hanging.

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    Food for thought. What about one of those emergency blankets ("Coghlans" from a Google search)? I could just trace around the base of the hammock, apparently it can be staked out so I'll could include those dimensions. Also it may aid insulation!

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    Don't cut the reusable space blanket. Bigger is better if you need it for a blanket. They are strong, light and warm. PM me if you need a few places to buy one.
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    Good point Mikeinajeep, I just send you a PM. I also picked up a tarp, I decided to go with the Hennessy Hammock Hex.

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    Re: Outdoors. With a hammock.

    I LOVE my Hennessey Hex tarp! So easy to put up and great coverage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JesterJosev View Post
    Food for thought. What about one of those emergency blankets ("Coghlans" from a Google search)? I could just trace around the base of the hammock, apparently it can be staked out so I'll could include those dimensions. Also it may aid insulation!
    Welcome to the forum. MEC sell's Adventure Medical 2 person space blanket. IMO much better than anything else i've seen and its 5x8 so really wraps around you. I carry one at all times. Space blankets don't really insulate per se, they reflect body heat. You still need a pad or UQ under you and a sleeping bag or quilt over you.

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