All of the experience here has finally gotten to me. I have been a sleeping bag and pad guy for too long. I have even tried to make an under quilt out of an old mummy pictures of that monster! After waaaaaay too many hours of late night internet searching I have settled on a jacksrbetter Hudson river. I like the versatility of being a under or top quilt. Before I order this thing, are there any other manufacturers of a quilt with a foot box that will open to serve as an under quilt and Velcro/snap/button/whatever closed so I can use as top quilt or backpacking quilt? ?
I will be using on a blackbird if that makes a difference.
Thanks for all the knowledge that has gotten me this far. I started two years ago with a grand trunk ultralight and a Walmart tarp just to play around and that has blossomed into a blackbird and super fly, new backpack, etc, etc, etc, etc. But I am most proud of my conversion of an entire boy scout troop (16 boys) into hammocks. Soon I will teach them about quilts.