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sigh...well there in lies the whole zipper conundrum...lol. 2questions (the zipper king since his wife is surely the zipper Queen) and I discussed this at the Mt Rogers hang. It would be great to have a completely removable/interchangeable bugnet/overshield thing going on. The problem is finding zippers that long that have all of the parts for making it detachable. They just dont seem to make them that long. I think THAT is the only reason we have not seen that mod offered by 2Questions wife (mod 4 if there was one). Sorry, probably too much info..

Where my zipper mod stands now. I have the zippers installed on both ends but they are not completely finished because I had not decided how I want to finish them. Right now I can either treat it like it is a normal zipper mod and just zip/unzip it where I want and throw the rest over the ridgeline or roll it up out of the way OR I can completely remove it...IF I want to mess with slipping the zipper back on the chain, which is kind of a pain in the butt. I am sorry for this long post, especally if it made no sense. My next move would be to shoot some pics (which I should do anyway since I am trying to sell it).

The buyer can tell me how they want me to finish the zippers. Either leave them how i have them (completely functional...just dont zip/unzip too far or you have to reinstall the zipper) or I can sew a stop in them wherever.

Three words: Coil Zipper tape.

I like the way the Clark zipper works - both sides of the hammock can be entered/exited via zipper entry. It is one long continuous zipper with 2 pulls that meet in the middle. Both ends are on the same "end" of the hammock. When the bugnet is zipped back, it can be stuffed in a pocket at the end of the hammock. Love that setup.

owfinc.com - great place for coil zippers, and very helpful.