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    Goodbye Give Away

    There really isn't a perfect place to post this, so if this is no good, mods, please feel free to move it.

    I hesitate to put this up, since I only have a few posts here, but really it's all about timing. This community at HF has been good to me over the years and this is an opportunity to say thanks. Some of you may know I founded End2End Trail Supply back in 2007. Well, I finally decided it wasn't worth slogging through a tough economy anymore, so we closed on 3/14/2003. As a thank you I would like to give away some new gear in a contest on Monday, 3/18/2003. I will post here 9PM Monday night(EST), and the contest is going to be fast! I will be giving away three prizes: (1) A Gram Weenie PRO stove package w/ fuel bottle, windscreen, and Evernew Titanium mug, (2) an original Gram Weenie w/ fuel bottle, windscreen, and RARE/discontinued 8cm (10ounce) aluminum mug, and finally (3) a Stanco Grease pot w/ cozy and Vargo pot grabber. I'll be picking up the shipping too, so it's totally free!

    See you on Monday and Good Luck!!
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