Just got back from my first overnight hang. I took my daughters out to Pilot Mountain State Park and had a great time. A few things I learned about hanging:

1. It is SO much more comfortable.
2. In a pinch, the lining from an L.L. Bean three way coat makes for a good bottom insulation (my kids needed my pad)
3. ENO slap straps pro stretch more than I thought.
4. Bouncing in a hammock can make you slip down the trunk.
4.5 Be less bouncy when getting in your bag at night.
5. The tree makes the difference (the tree I used for the foot of my hammock had a 60 degree angle growth pattern at the trunk (away from me) and it perpetuated my evening slipping to the ground.
6. Even on a chilly night, a bug net is necessary (and will be purchased ASAP!)
7. A ridgeline is more useful than a bedside table.
8. My wife is awesome and the skullcap she knit for me made all the difference in my warmth.
9. Temperature relaxes velcro, and the reason my sandals hit me in the head was due to that bit of physics.
9.5 Don't hang your sandals near your head on the ridgeline.
10. The ground is for suckers. I'm sold.