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Thread: Hello from Ohio

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    Hello from Ohio

    Hi all!

    Just a general intro. I was born in Serbia (Yugoslavia back in a day) and moved to the States in 89'. Been here ever since, although I do tend to go whenever the chance is given to me.

    I started really getting into camping when I first got my drivers license at 18. 3 of my close friends decided to experience the thrill. Although we car camped it was kind of cool to just chill by the fire and talk about whatever comes to mind.

    We kept talking about heading out on foot a few years later at a national park somewhere and experience "raw" camping. We were actually a little scared to do it since non of us ever did anything like it. Our first time we were at Allegheny National Forest and it was one of the more memorable trips ever. Of course, the first ones usually are.

    Since then we really started getting into hiking and camping, me especially, now we go at lease 5 or 6 times a year.

    I have always tent camped. For some reason, I just felt safer. One time I decided to buy an ENO hammock and brought it with me just to relax in during the day. I soon figured that I was actually more comfortable in the hammock then a tent. One of my friends asked if he can sleep on it over night because he's been curious. He woke up in the morning refreshed and said, "Dude, I'm buying a hammock!"

    So ever since then, I've used my ENO hammock until last month, I ordered the real deal. Warbonnet. I have read great things and my friend already owns one, so I had a chance to check it out before buying it.

    Ok, so I might have made this longer then expected, sorry.

    Oh and for the name BearVlad, ha. Well I encountered a bear at my camp and I have never been so close to one. Never actually seen one in the wild before. I was getting water from a nearby stream and as I was heading back to camp, there it was. I eventually scared it off using my filter and bottle of water. I was so freaked out but yet stayed calm, it was just a weird and freaky feeling. So my friends started calling me Bear Vlad.

    I've been searching forums about hammock camping in Switzerland and didn't see much posts. I am going June 1st and will be happy to post my experience.

    Here is a couple of videos I made from our camping adventure. They are nothing special, I've recently got into documenting our trips. Hope you like them.

    Happy camping!


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    Welcome from SC. Looks like your well on your way.

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    A big welcome from Pennsylvania...great people here...Bones

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