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hey cb200t do you find the 1.0 stiffer than the 1.1? Im using sgt rocks u c r s also ,a very nice easy to use system,that stays put really well so far.
Yes, surprisingly I did. I found it to be great for lounging around in. I felt a bit too constricted for sleeping in though. It got stretchy when my wife got in it with me though. I suppose anything short of 1.9 would though wouldn't it?

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I was thinking about making a ghost hammock with some M90 that I just picked up. Are the dimensions in your plans the finished dimensions or the starting dimensions of the hammock? Also, how big of a rolled hem did you use on the edges?

They are unfinished dimensions and I used about 3/4" of hemming total. I used the rolled hem foot on my sewing machine to do the hems. I made sure to pin them. Also, I didn't cut the triangle piece out. I incorporated it into the hammock body. My reasoning was one less seam was one less weak point. I also sewed the one seam together, then reinforced it with edgine tape from Jo-Anne's. I also reinforced the seam running down the right side (for me) with a piece of gros-grain to provide more support. Again, probably overkill but I tend to over do it sometimes If I can be of any other help, just let me know.