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Thread: HH Questions.

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    I have a HH Exp model with the classic (bottom entry) and love it.

    I started out with an ENO DBL and while the lay was good, due to some limited mobility issues I had challenges getting in/out of it. Someone on here suggested I try out an HH with classic entry and that solved all my issues.

    I am short so do not find the size of the Exp to be an issue. More room would be nice but is not required. I did have an issue with a my legs hurting up the back but after reading the forums I started laying at more of an angle and putting my pack/pillow under my legs and that issue was resolved.

    I have a JRB Nest as an UQ and love it. It is cut specifically to fit the HH classic with a split in the UQ to match the classic entry. Like others have said it would be nice to have zippers on each side so I could pull the quilt up around my shoulders better but instead I just don't stake out the sides during cold weather and then the UQ wraps around me better. Some day I might invest in having the zipper mod done but not today

    I continue to use the HH standard suspension. I motorcycle camp so weight is a non issue. What I have done recently is to tie a figure 8 on the bight then use a carbiner to attach to Atlas tree straps. Makes set up quicker for me.

    I replaced the stock tarp with 10x10 BCUSA tarp or if weather is going to be really nasty I used a Kelty Noah 12x12. Both of these will allow me a sitting space under the tarp which is something the stock HH tarp does not.

    I would purchase the HH set up again but I would purchase the tarp upgrade from the start.

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    I have the HH Explorer Deluxe, bottom entry.

    When I bought it, the HH Hex tarp was a free upgrade if you wanted it, not sure if it still is. If so...I HIGHLY recommend it.

    The HH ED is a roomy hammock...I don't feel claustrophobic in it at all. I love the bottom entry for when the weather is kicking, or the mosquitos are bad and you need that quick entry without bringing the bugs in, or brushing along the underside of a steeply pitched tarp.

    I got the 2QZQ mod #4 so that I could reach in and out of the hammock, and use the hammock as a chair as well. Works very nicely for me, so enjoy having the best of both worlds, so to speak.

    If you're looking to spend about $200, go with the HH ED Zip...most folks seem to prefer side over bottom entry. Get the free hex tarp upgrade, and you'll have hammock, suspension, and tarp right off the bat. Then you just need to work out insulation and you're good to go.

    I'm TOTALLY satisfied with my HH setup.

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    Arrowhead Equipment has a UQ, the Potomac, specifically designed for HH's that allows you to use the side tie outs on the hammock. It works well with both my Expedition and DJ. Its moderately priced as well.

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    Thank you all for the help. I'm gonna make the purchase some time today!

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    Most of my comments are repeats of what has already been said earlier. Here's some additional points that haven't been mentioned that I noticed. I started with expedition classic, and added the 2QZQ mod #4. This mod was absolutely wonderful! If you don't have to arrange anything in the hammock then the classic entry is fine to just hop in, but if you want to set up a pad or your top quilt then the side access is very handy. Also if you don't have to worry about bugs then I much prefer the easy in/out and additional sitting positions of the side accessible hammocks. I know Hennessy has its video showing how to use the classic entry hammock as a chair, but it is not even close to being comfortable for me. Plus, you can't straddle the hammock either if you can't remove the net. The mod #4 gives you the versatility of a netless or integrated-net hammock. If I didn't have that, I'd probably have gotten rid of my classic entry hammock by now.

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