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    Quote Originally Posted by Soda View Post
    Following up a bit on the quilt question. The vast majority of my hanging is done while backpacking so reducing the amount of gear I carry is important. In the rare event you have to go to ground and are carrying an underquilt instead of a pad, does the quilt provide adequate insulation while sleeping on the ground?
    The short answer is no. At least for down quilts. Synthetic ones don't crush quite as much, but still don't provide enough insulation in cold weather. One of the things to help mitigate the problem is to use your backpack underneath you when going to ground. It's not as comfortable, but if done right you can survive the night. It helps if you can gather some leaves, etc. and put underneath you. Not a bad option if you're pretty good at finding hanging spots and rarely, if ever, have to resort to going to ground.

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    Got the same Hennessey Hammock last year. Planning to hike the AT next year. I've been experimenting with gear in preparation.

    I just got the Warbonnet Yeti underquilt and tried it out last night. It was cool (27F) and breezy here in NJ but my backside was nice and warm. Only problems were that my feet got cold - will have to check out down booties - and I still had a fair amount of wind coming thru the Warbonnet Superfly.

    If I knew how small, light and effective the 3/4 length Yeti is, I might have considered getting a full-length underquilt to better protect my calves.

    A balaclava from Smart Wool kept my head and neck perfectly warm. Nose got a little cold. I was using a friend's down sleeping bag. I have to get rid of that and try a topquilt.

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