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    How cold is it?
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    Awesome! Thanks for posting the pics. We did BRT a few weeks ago. Beautiful country up there.
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    Nice trip report. You took some really great pictures! Nothing like a solo trip to really pare done what you want to take and actually need to take. Group trips are great for sharing gear, but when you're by yourself its up to you. After each of my solo trips, I always make note of what I used and didn't use and would take that into account on my next trip.

    I stopped using the nalgenes and switched to just a water bladder tucked in my side pack pocket (I hate the feeling of the bag in the pack pressing against me), then a foldable 32 oz bag for camp use or if I had longer mileage where I'd need it. I also have a lightweight aluminum bottle for the electrolyte drink, but sometimes it may be replaced with some spirits for around the campfire.

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