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    side pull outs on ultralight travel hammock with TUQ?

    ... so the equipment pile is getting deep! i really liked using a JRB torso length underquilt with an HH overcover and an ultralight travel hammock. my situation is this: i like to lie on the diagonal, and it worked out great to fasten the JRB carabiners to the overcover side pull out points -- especially the knee one -- kept the underquilt right where it needed to be. with a bit warmer weather coming, i'll ditch the overcover and therefore lose my only pull out points. I'm concerned that the short underquilt won't stay under me when lying on a diagonal without something like a knee side pull out. also, i'm sewing-machine less. So: 1. how/what can i fasten to the flimsy ultralight fabric to have a pull out? is some kind of adhesive tape an option? hand sew ok? do i risk tearing the fabric? 2. should i do one or two pull outs? 3. should i just fasten the carabiner to the new pull out tabs, and then lie on the diagonal to shape the hammock/UQ, or should i actually use shock chord and stake out the pull outs? I'm amazed at what you all make, and hope you can help me with this stuff... thanks!

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    I think what I would do is hand sew a 2 foot long 1/4 piece of elastic on the hem of your hammock. Put a loop on the end and hold the loop with a cordlock. Then put a mini biner on it to hook onto whatever is part of the quilt you are trying to pull. Once you get it adjusted you can shorten the elastic. It is OK to sew on the hem.

    You could also sewe on a loop and add a tie out.

    or you could attach a swimsiut hook to elastic

    it works pretty well and can be used on any netless hammock. The cord lock makes it adjustable.
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