Hey everybody.

I had a quick question about using a few pieces of dutch in order to hang my HH Hex Tarp thats on its way to my doorstep! I'm new to this so I just wanted to clarify if I am going about it the right way.

I planned on using about 30 feet of Zing-it for the ridge line. I was then going to attach a dutch ware hook on one end of the line and a tarp flyz on the other. Then I planned on wrapping the end with the hook around the tree and then onto the line and on the opposite side use the tarp flyz to pull the line tight and lock it in place. The line would then have loops attached via a prussic knot with small S-biners clipped to them to attach the tarp over or under the ridge line and then adjust for proper tightness and center. Does this sound remotely correct or am I going the complete wrong way with this? Any help you can give this rookie would be much appreciated!


(I wasn't sure if this would be the correct place for this thread so feel free to move it)