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    Quote Originally Posted by Owl View Post
    +1 to this. I reattached my ridgeline the exact same way that it had been attached to the stock rope.

    No change in the ridgeline at all that I could notice.

    My only "complaint" about whoopies is that you'll find that you need to allow another foot more on either end between trees when you're selecting a site to hang.
    w/ the advent of the phone camera, i have been able to replicate intricate/semi-intricate/simple procedures

    i have replaced the stock HH suspension w/ a 2" ss(i love/trust sailboat parts) ring on a short loop

    the ring will have several purposes

    rain water drip point, easy attachment point & keeping my skins where i choose for them to be...

    as i disassembled the stock suspension, i took pics of the process & how HH originally rigged the stock suspension

    with the pics to refer back to, i was able to replicate the original HH wrap around the attachment point

    by replacing the ridge line loop to my new suspension components, exactly like HH did it, my system/hammock/ridge line has not changed, except at the attachment point

    "Q"... did the contributors to the OP's information miss a step, or more?

    as for the distance between trees needing to be greater, w/ all else the same & just switching to WHOOPIES, the only accommodations one would have to make would be the length of the sliding bury(usually about a foot±) times 2(1 for each WHOOPIE), added to the distance between trees, to make your connections

    just pic your own trees...

    BTW: my new rigging does a real well job of keeping my LARDUS BOTTOMUS MAXIMUS off the ground

    pics attached
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    Re: HH Suspension Favorites

    Hey just found this pic of my dog bone setup... didn't see the need for a ring with mine, since the biner will do the drip-work for me.
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    I think the reason I found this forum was because after one weekend of tying and retying the stock suspension, I thought, "This cannot be what everyone else is doing." Shortly after I switched to whoopie slings. I agree that it does add another foot or two to your minimum hang distance, but I find it so much easier to set up and adjust. And no ridge line issues. If I were to do it again, I might do something where the suspension could be more easily removed, but for the most part I am very happy with it.

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