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    Inexpensive ridgeline organizer

    This is more "repurposing" than a DIY thing but I figured I would pass this along for those that might be interested. I noticed I had an extra Home Depot nail apron lying around and I thought it would make a great no sew organizer to attach to a hammock ridgeline. Simply tie each waist string on the ridgeline with a taut line hitch, slide each one until its tight and bam, handy organizer. Of course if more organization was needed it would very easy to sew vertical slot seams in the pocket areas. For those of you not familiar with what I'm talking about I've included a photo. It weighs 3 oz according to my scale so it's not the lightest way to go, but at only a dollar at your local Home Depot(Lowes has them too) you would be hard pressed to find a cheaper( or easier) way to purchase/make a ridgeline organizer.
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