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So how is multiple hammocks under one tarp typically done? Can you stack them on the same tree or do you have to have multiple trees that are close enough to have the hammocks side by side?
I have hung so that the foot end of multiple hammocks are all tied to one tree, and the head ends are tied to separate supports; sometimes two different trees, sometimes one tree that has a forked trunk, sometimes using an artificial support. Others here have used sticks, trekking poles, etc. as struts between two hammock suspensions, and tie both hammocks to the same trees on both ends. The strut acts as a spreader bar to keep the hammocks separated from each other.

BTW, the Sportsman's Guide should have their 12' x 12' guidegear tarps available again. That's ALOT of tarp for the money. Only available in white, though. No camo