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    Stock AHE Jarbidge modified to fit the RR bridge Hammock

    Been wanting to do this and was sitting around today waiting on the snow storm to hit, so I finally got up the nerve and cut up my stock Summer 50 degree Jarbidge synethic quilt to fit the RR and after modifying it was totally pleased with the way it turned out and fit like a glove on the RR Hammock. It orginally weighed 16 oz stock. By the time I modified it, total weight was 10.8 oz. Head of it measured at 38". Middle came in at 28" wide, and on the foot end it measured 31". Length was left alone at what AHE made it at and that is 58" long. I slept with this quilt on the hammock last nite before modifying waking up with the house temp at 65, and had to vent it as I was a ball of sweat. Had it on the RR too snug for 65 degrees in the house even tho I had the ceiling fan blowing lightly on me. Very pleased with the weight, and the fit and will use it in the summer for sure. Color of it is brown and black as here is a few pics of the finished quilt modified. Paul of AHE makes these for the RR if anybody wants a summer quilt to fit their RR.
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