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    JRB Modifications to Driducks Poncho

    At the Mt. Rogers hang, the Jacks announced that they would be selling the Driducks poncho and also offering it with modifications. They showed the group my modified poncho. Thought you all would like to see pictures.

    OK, so I first bought the Driducks poncho for the rain. But then it does other things . . .

    1. I had to offer my son money to model the No Sniv as a piece of clothing last year.

    2. The Driducks poncho over the No Sniv. Works great.

    3. The poncho as a weather shield on hammock. Nice. The poncho has drawstrings at each end to tighten up as weather shield with several attachment points. I used it this way last night with my Hennessy hammock and its original small tarp because it was predicted to rain. And it did and the weather shield worked great. I hung the hammock very low. There was wet splash on the poncho this morning but my underquilt was dry.

    4. JRB put a number of attachment points on the poncho. This is one.

    5. You can use the poncho as an overcover on hammock, but for some of the ties to work you have to put in on with white side facing out. I have not tested it as an overcover yet. Would use it this way under tarp for added warmth. It is not a tight fit and wind still gets underneath if it windy. Opening and closing hood can act as top air hole.

    6. Jacks put omni tape at one end with drawstring closure so the poncho can be used as bivy. I used it as bivy at Mt. Rogers for additional warmth.
    Of course the picture is opposite of how you would use it in hammock. Quilt on top of you, bivy on top of quilt. Just wanted to show how much the poncho covers bag or quilt.
    7. Close up of footbox.

    Weight of mods = the weight of the Driduck stuff sack.
    If you are not familar with Driducks material, it is extremely fragile and tears easily but can be fixed with -- what else -- duck tape.

    Jacks, thanks for the mods!
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