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    Early attempts at repurposing a kids tent

    So I have been wanting to create a shelter for my Lab Boys so that I can try backpacking with them this year. One hangup I have had has been trying to settle on a design. Well they sort of helped me out in the process, at least to get started, when they managed to break the poles on a kids play tent that my son had. I figure they may like it seeing as how they broke the poles while wrestling in it before.

    The pictures below are of my first attempts at "hanging" it from it's own line. One problem encountered was it just wanting to hang like a teepee and thus not giving enough interior volume. I think that I have that part figured out possibly now. Now I just need to get back to the thread injector and see if my ideas prove to be fruitful or not. Of course if all of this fails I have drawn several other ideas up but this seemed to be the easiest one of fall since most of the work was already done for me. I will post more pictures when I get the next modifications done.
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