Was camping this past weekend with my Incubator. Woke up about 3am and was a little chilled, thought maybe I just needed to answer the call of nature. When I got back in my hammock, I checked my UQ suspension, and thought that it had loosened. I tightened the line-locs and went back to sleep. Woke up and again was chilled. Before packing everything, I decided to check the line-locs, and found that the shock cords were slipping. I don't want to tie a knot, as I have had problems getting them untied, and I want to be able to still adjust the shock cord for venting on warmer nights. Has anyone else had problems with this?

I was looking at DIY Gear Supply, and the LineLoc 3 is what it looks like I have. I was thinking of ordering some of the Microlock Cordlocks to use as a backup. Pull the shock cord tight through the LineLoc 3 and then tighten the Microlock against it. I wouldn't have to tie any knots in the shock cord, and the microlocks weigh very little. Thanks........RR