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    Well, I finally did it...

    I have been watching and reading these forums with pleasure for quite a while now and finally, last weekend, I hung (hanged?).


    My son (10) and I went to a patch of woods about an hour and a half northwest of St. Louis and walked a couple of hundred yards in to set up camp. I wanted to finally try my hand at hanging.


    We each had similar set-ups: BCUSA tarp overhead with a little awning. Warbonnet Traveler DL to sleep on. We used 1/2" ccf pads that were 24x72" with a second piece of foam across the shoulders. Giant Slumberjack sleeping bags from 20 years ago to stay warm.


    Well, it dropped down to about 25 degrees F. and we were very warm but also very uncomfortable. On reflection, I think that the sleeping bag kept me lined up on center and gave me a huge back ache. In the morning, after rolling and stowing sleeping bags we both took a quick siesta (sleeping asymmetrically) and it felt GREAT! I now realize that I need to fiddle with my sleeping arrangements (maybe top quilt or unzipped bag) for a better sense of comfort. But I am motivated to get off of the ground. My little catnap felt so marvelous that I am search of the perfect sleeping scenario.


    I think that this next time I will try the pads again but use a light unzipped sleeping bag or Woobie as a fake "top quilt".
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