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Tenth Wonder Hammocks, that might be your best/cheapest shot. They have an ebay page, but IIRC it was a few bucks cheaper from their own homepage.
Great guys to deal with too, great! Oh, and no affilitation with the company other than extreme satisfaction from the stuff i bought from them! Quality gear, maybe a bit on the heavy side tarp-wise, but I really like them anyway.

Check it out, I got the Sargasso tarp, and an XL-hammock. Wish I would've opted for the Hornet-hammock instead with the integrated bugnet though.

Weird that not more people have mentioned them? Too small of a company maybe? I like that thought.

Good luck! / SwedeMix
Any idea on where to get a UQ as well? I sleep a bit cold so I don't think a sleeping pad will cut it.