Hi Folks

I'm going to be hitting Banff National Park for a 3 day/2 night trip over the Easter Weekend and was wondering if anyone out there is interested in joining me.

Exact route has yet to be determined but I'm counting on having to use snowshoes despite the fact that daytime highs will be 10 Deg C +. Lows are expected to be just below freezing.

I'm meeting some friends in Calgary at the Crossiron Bass Pro Shop at 1100h (they aren't hangers or backpackers - just meeting up for a brief visit) so I suggest we meet there or at the Banff Visitor Centre around 1300h.

I want to emphasize, I am not interested in high speed travel; I am there to enjoy myself. I don't mind long travel days in tough terrain but I'll average 2km/h in this kind of terrain. I have nothing to prove to myself or anyone else except that I like being out, regardless of weather, with all I need on my back.

Jungle Jim