I've been meaning to get a hammock for a couple of years ever since I got my touring bike kitted out, but it just never materialized for one reason or another.

Last night, I ordered an XLC 1.7 Double and a SuperFly. I can't wait. There are a few sticking points that I'd like to hash out with you guys, but please tell me if I'm better off making a different thread in each sub-section.

For reference, I'm 6'3" and hover around 190 (200+ projected in the coming year). I'm also in Western PA.

First up: underquilts. I'm really trying to wrap my head around these and it seems like opinions go back and forth (as with anything). I have my eye on the Hammock Gear Incubator, but I can't figure out what temp is best. I have a pretty fixed budget and would like to just get one full length to use all year. Perhaps that's not ideal?

The weather fluctuates wildly where I am (maybe for all of us anymore), so I'm anticipating the possibility of very cold spring/fall nights and chilly summer ones. But extremely hot fall/summer nights are just as likely. I think my confusion stems from being unsure about how the temps on the UQs work out. For example, will a 0 Incubator feel the same as a 40 Incubator on a 50-60 night and the 0 is just obviously better for lower temps? Or will I roast in the 0 when it gets to that midpoint where I'll be too cold without any UQ at all? If it was as simple as being able to buy a 0 Incubator and being set for the whole year (as it says on the website), I'd be a happy camper (ha! bet that one hasn't been used here before). Hoping someone can clarify for me. Still trying to figure out the concept of venting too.

Also, regarding the XLC, I've been second guessing myself after ordering (not the purchase itself, but going with the XLC over the standard Blackbird). I feel like I'm buying the brand new electronic and getting some upgrades, but also dealing with the early bugs. I sent a message on the Warbonnet site with a request. The main reason I picked the XLC was for length, but I'd really love to have that same length with the time-tested, beloved Blackbird standard. I'm hoping that's possible, but I'm unsure. Also, all of that extra netting on the XLC makes me a little nervous about tears and I'd rather not have to be super dainty and delicate with it. In addition, I really like the double-zipper that the XLC sacrifices for the removable top that I'm not sure I'd remove that often.

So essentially, yeah, I really just want the length.

Would love to hear any thoughts you guys have (those who already have the XLC and can maybe alleviate concerns) or insight on whether a longer standard Blackbird is or isn't asking too much of those guys.

Otherwise, I'm happy to join the community!